Bunker Holdings Ltd. secures marine fuels from the industry majors as well as from other refineries, our physical supply is subject to 100% quality compliance enhanced by closely monitored refining, terminal storage and distribution of the highest quality standards.

We guarantee availability of petroleum products, their conformity to the ISO international standards, as well as strict compliance with the technological requirements to the bunkering and sampling procedure.

Fuel quality control is effected by the world-recognised independent surveyors:​

  • SGS S.A.

Bunker Holdings Ltd. provides a full range of Bunker fuels compliant with international maritime regulations and requirements (ISO 8217-2005/2010 or later revision as requested by customers):

Residual Marine Fuels:

  • RMG 180
  • RMK-500
  • RME 380
  • RMK-700
  • VLSFO 0.5% sulphur in accordance with
    the 2020 IMO fuel sulphur regulations)

Marine Distillate Fuels:

  • MGO (DMA)

With the implementation of Emissions Control Areas (ECAs) in various regions and strict regulations to reduce the emissions in the shipping industry, the world has moved towards tight control of harmful sulfur emissions. Our company recognizes the importance of reducing the impact of emission levels and preserves a clean marine environment. That's why we supply low-sulfur fuel oil that meets the highest international standards.

    • ULSFO (Sulphur 0.1 %) SPEC: RMD 80 ISO 8217:2010
    • LS MGO (Sulphur 0.1 %) SPEC: DMA MAX 0.1% ISO 8217:2010