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Dear Customers,

Located in Limassol, Cyprus, Bunker Holdings Ltd. company is a leading private independent supplier of bunker fuel in the ports of Russia and Ukraine, as well as in the fishing industry areas of the northern seas of the Pacific. Ports of physical delivery of the company are in Russia - Vanino, Sovetskaya Gavan, Nakhodka, Sakhalin, Novorossiysk, Saint-Petersburg, in Ukraine – Yuzhniy, Ilichevsk, Odessa, Danube, Ust-Dunaysk.

Availability of a network of bunkering terminals, oil carriers and self-propelled bunkering vessels ensures that Bunker Holdings Ltd is able to make guaranteed supplies of varied assortment of bunkering fuel and marine oils to the shipowners any time in any port, where the company acts as a physical fuel supplier.

Starting from 2001, Bunker Holdings Ltd. is a member of the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) and a member of the Russian Association of Marine and River Bunkering Companies, which allows implementing the international bunkering practice and advanced bunkering industry achievements in order to enhance the quality level of its services.

As an international bunker trader, Bunker Holdings Ltd ensures the bunkering of the vessels in the ports, where it has no resources of bunkering fuel of its own. This is achieved due to long-term business relationship of the company with the other suppliers of fuel. The latter enjoy certain advantages, when regularly buying bunkering fuel for their customers from Bunker Holdings Ltd in the ports, where Bunker Holdings Ltd is a physical fuel supplier. ln its turn, Bunker Holdings Ltd is able to purchase the fuel at the competitive prices for its customers in the ports, where its business partners own resources of bunkering fuel and provide physical supplies.

The bunkering fuel offered by the company corresponds to the international standards, in particular — to the latest edition of ISO 8217 and requirements of MARPOL Addendum VI.

The strictest fuel quality control is effected by the company's laboratories in the port of physical presence, as well as by independent surveyors.

Wide-spread territorial locations of the ports of physical supply of bunkering fuel combined with the reliable long-term business relations with the major international bunkering companies turn Bunker Holdings Ltd. into a global supplier capable of satisfying the customers’ demands practically at any current position of the customers’ fleet.

The customers of Bunker Holdings Ltd. account for around one thousand consumers of bunkering fuel, including the major ship-owners of the world. The Company highly values each of its customers irrespective of its status or size of its fleet, that is why the demands and the requirements of each customer are given equally careful attention in order to ensure the most competitive conditions of fuel supply and the highest quality services on delivery of fuel to the ships.

Bunker Holdings Ltd possesses the in-demand experience of bunkering of the fishery vessels in the Sea of Japan, the Sea of Okhotsk and the Barents Sea.

The employees of Bunker Holdings Ltd. are constantly monitoring the operations with all the customers, their payment and credit history, market behavior, so as to offer the most comfortable conditions of cooperation to each customer. The existing practice of opening the credit lines to the customers facilitates the risk management procedures.

To strengthen its business relations with the existing customers and, at the same time, to attract new shipowners Bunker Holdings Ltd. conducts its business on a 24/7 schedule so that to provide comprehensive information on the availability of the bunkering fuel and its price, as well as accepting the orders for bunkering services. Uninterrupted direct contact with the shipowners contribute greatly to the soonest possible bunkering of their vessels, reduction of its duration and the subsequent decrease of the shipowners‘ expenses.

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Thank you and best regards,

Evgeny Kelmanov

Director Bunker Holdings Ltd.

Bunker Holdings Ltd 3107 Limassol, Cyprus 156,

28th October & Iakovou Tompazi Str. 4th floor, Vashiotis Business Center

Fax: + 357 25 353595